Improve the efficiency of your logistics process by automating customs document retrieval, facilitating data analysis and decision making.

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BICOMEX's dashboards

Gain efficiency by automating data and document retrieval

Provide a Siscomex digital certificate and password, and we'll retrieve your information on various IRS and Sefaz systems, and consolidate all your data and documents in one platform.

Performance throughout the logistics chain

360 degrees performance, throughout the logistics chain

BICOMEX is designed for importers, exporters, shipping companies, cargo agents, custom agents and insurers, offering simplified data collection, diverse resources and possibilities.

Updated data

Your data updated daily

Retrieve data from specific time periods or monitor daily, keeping your data always up to date.

BICOMEX's dashboards

Your decisions much easier

Easily visualize your data and make your decisions easier with import, export and transport dashboards.

Logistic cost dashboard

Assess your logistics cost

Assess the cost of your operation or products easily.

KPI's dashboard


View key indicators of your operation and compare your providers.

Marine Operations Cockpit

Marine Operations Cockpit

Track and monitor the arrival of your sea cargo avoiding problems with demurrage.

Excel spreadsheet

Download spreadsheets and use data the way you want

Use the data from your Excel records.

Systems Integration

Integrate data with other systems

Use BICOMEX data on other systems through integration with our API.


Integrate your product registration for DUIMP

Upload your product catalog for BICOMEX to register and monitor on SISCOMEX.

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Your data and customs documents with a request

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